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Bad Breath / Halitosis

What Causes Bad Breath

Medford, NJ Dentist Covers Causes of Bad Breath

If you’re living in the Medford, NJ area and wondering if a dentist or doctor might be the right person to talk to about your bad breath, then consider reading this article. There are definitely things you can do personally about your bad breath, but oral hygiene is the most important factor in curing halitosis.…

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Fight Bad Breath Blog

Medford Dentist: Foods That Fight Bad Breath

Before we start, nothing can substitute good oral hygiene. You know the routine; brush twice a day, floss daily and never skip your six-month dental cleaning with your favorite Medford, NJ dentist. Might sound boring, but maintaining good oral care will help ensure your teeth last a lifetime and help your co-worker from fleeing every…

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