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Why Are My Gums Sore and Bleeding Blog

Red, Swollen, Bleeding Gums in Medford, NJ

By Dr. Deborah Hoover | September 29, 2017

When gums are tender, red, swollen and/or bleeding; gum disease is quite often looked to as the culprit. However, there are other reasons gums may be “acting up”. Even if no discomfort is experienced, it is incredibly important to visit the dentist so the source of the symptoms can be addressed. So what causes gums…

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Pregnant woman holding belly

Medford Dentist Discusses Importance of Oral Health During Pregnancy

By Dr. Deborah Hoover | August 14, 2017

Oral health care is an exceptionally important component of a healthy pregnancy. It is important for both the care of the expecting mother, as well as the health of the unborn child. There is quite a bit of discussion around if dental visits are safe while pregnant. Main Street Family Dentistry and Dr. Hoover want…

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happy patient with dentist

How to Find the Best Dentist in Medford For You

By Dr. Deborah Hoover | July 20, 2017

Whether you’re new to the area or simply need to find another dental office to call home, finding the best dentist in Medford NJ for your needs is important for your future smile. While the options may seem overwhelming, here are some important things to look at:

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Healthy Teeth Food List

Food List for Healthy Teeth in Medford

By Dr. Deborah Hoover | June 9, 2017

Diet plays a very important role in a healthy smile. Dr. Hoover and the Main Street Family Dentistry team came up with a list that we believe is both easily accessible at most supermarkets and affordable. Check out the quick list below for foods for healthy teeth in Medford.

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Smiling Older Couple

Medford Tips on Caring for Your Teeth as You Age

By Dr. Deborah Hoover | May 16, 2017

We only have one set of adult teeth and they are meant to last us a lifetime. Trauma, genetics and other factors sometimes make this impossible. But, for the most part, good oral health and habits are enough to make your teeth go the distance with you as you gracefully age. As we age, natural…

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